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We Build For Active Retirees
Flexible indoor/outdoor space for private and public activities

We Build For Artist/Entrepreneurs
Planned multipurpose space for expansion

We Build For Investors
Maximizing revenue from many household types

We Build For Changing Families
Easily accommodate aging and boomerang family members

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Rightsized Homes 4 Today
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Rightsized Cottages?

Our "New Normal" American economy forces us to rethink our homebuying
decisions. The Rightsize decision hinges on our personal means and objectives.

Downsizing is the obvious Rightsize housing solution of those desiring
financial independence with a simpler lifestyle.

For the Uber wealthy, McMansions are their Rightsized solution.

Our clients, (active Retiree, artist/entrepreneurs, investors and changing families) make decisions in the quest of optimizing their housing choice to achieve their personal objectives at an appropriate cost.

Their decision path follows a route we have taken ourselves:

  1. First, choose an attractive state with multiple opportunities

  2. Second , discover a unique friendly small town

  3. Third, find a convenient close in neighborhood location

  4. Fourth, select a home design that provides flexible indoor and outdoor space for privacy & socializing.

In this New Normal America, Black Mountain Bungalow addresses the challenges in each of these Rightsize decisions by offering flexible home designs located on in-town homesites in the unique town of Black Mountain, North Carolina.
-Charlie and Carolyn Sparks,
The proud owners of The Black Mountain Bungalow Company

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